About us

ibBooster supports Software and Technology companies to accelerate their international expansion with knowledge, experience and a quality network within the Telecommunication, ICT and the Broadcasting/TV space. For clients planning to set up business in Europe we also provide various complementary services including office space and housing, immigration services, legal, fiscal and finanical support, etc.

ibBooster was founded by Edwin Oosterkamp. Previously Edwin held various international (sales) management, business development and advisory roles for innovative software companies in the Telecommunication, ICT and Broadscasting industry. Companies varying from small start-ups to well-established multinationals.

Edwin’s work revolves always around international expansion and international business development of the companies’ business. Often this is hands-on sales management and business development selling the companies product / solutions and services in EMEA or emerging markets. At an early stage Edwin is often requested to lead special sales task forces to think about new market entry strategies into for example China, Japan, APAC, Russia & CIS and Middle East and Africa, USA and Canada. He also participated in multiple UK Trade and Industry (UKTI) Trade Missions to e.g. China and set up an Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in Shanghai .

Throughout his work Edwin often worked as a liaison beween sales/ business development and product management, shaping the product/ solution, marketing messages and pricing models to fit the local market requirements.

Through managing multi-disciplinary international sales teams Edwin also developed an approach to sales and business development that increases the effectiveness and efficiency of individual sales people and sales teams. This is a combination of personal and team coaching and systematic sales program management which is supported by business intelligence an sales operations.

Edwin’s role is often characterized by others as result-driven, systematic, focused and pragmatic in doing international business.

The companies we worked for are for example:

  • BroadForward based in the Netherlands
  • Stratic based in the Netherlands
  • Irdeto based in the Netherlands part of the Naspers group and MultiChoice South Africa
  • LogicaCMG /Acision based in the Netherlands merged with Comverse and was acquired by Mitel (now called Mavenir)
  • SLP InfoWare APAC later sold to Gemalto based in Singapore
  • Filao SA sold to InFusio based in Paris and USA
  • Evident Interactive based in the Netherlands