Start-up, team and personal development & coaching

Professional sports men/ women have physical but for some time already also mental coaches to support them delivering an excellent performance. This is broadly accepted and not questioned by anybody. Strangely enough having a professional coach for setting up a business or improving personal or team performance is still bysome people not accepted. They think it might give the impression that someone is not performing well enough or that they don’t know how to do their job. They think it might show someones weakness while its the contrary, it is showing someones strength and willingness to learn and improve.

What do we offer:

  • Start-up coaching (the Lean Methodology way in combination with Business Model Canvas)
  • Personal coaching
  • Personal development program:
    • AEM cube, EQ, IQ tests,
    • Business Model You
    • NLP
  • Team coaching
    • Business model canvas
    • Systemic work constellations for teams and organizations
    • NLP methodologies
  • Burn-out coaching: revitalization and prevention
  • Supporting recruitment proces: not to assess whether the person can do the job but rather whether the person fits the team and the stage an organization is in.

For whom is this interesting:

  • start-ups with (international ambitions
  • companies looking at the right balance of characters and attitudes of individuals in teams
  • individual managers and leaders with the need for a sounding board
  • people responsible for sales teams
  • recruiting managers or Talent Acquisition teams

Following a first conversation with you as a leader, owner of a business, HR-manager, manager of a team or professional we will first define a problem statement and objective for what we are going to work on. ibBooster has a wide range of tools and methodologies it can use and based on your particular situation we will draw a personal plan which we will evaluate regularly.