Sales optimization & program Management

“Special sales task force” or as other companies call them “Tiger teams” is all about using specialized resources for specific strategic company and sales objectives. It is all about focus and about using multi-disciplinary specialist within the organization (and outside) to run Sales Programs for for example:

  • the launch of a new incubator product into the market or
  • selling your products and solutions in a new (emerging) market or
  • focus team for selling services (managed services or professional services) instead of account mangement selling everything (product, services, support, etc.)
  • splitting an inside account desk for smaller accounts and little revenue from key accounts with a lot of revenue
  • splitting account management from new business sales (new names accounts)

Sales Performance optimization

With modern productivity / collaborative tools that are available on the internet (e.g. Evernote, Trello,, Microsoft CRM, Linkedin, Sales navigator, etc..) sales teams can become a lot more effective and efficient. Reporting can also become way less tedious then they used to be. At ibBooster we help companies to make use of these tools to boost the efficiency and effectiveness. This is not just about using yet another app or tool but also about implementing the right processes so that it is implemented for the long-term.

Other sales optimization programs that we have managed are e.g.:

  • global, key and strategic account plans and planning
  • 80/20/80 rule: allocate 80% of company resources to the 20% of accounts that generate 80% of revenue
  • tier 1, 2, 3 account priority’s
  • adjusting / managing the tables of authority: who is allowed to decide on price, margins, discounts, change requests, various commitments, etc.
  • deal/ bid evaluation optimization: pragmatic, revenue, margin, resources evaluation

For whom is this interesting:

  1. Executives (CEO, CFO, CTO, CCO, COO)
  2. Small, Medium and Large sales organizations
  3. Innovation and incubator teams
  4. People responsible for sales
  5. Companies launching a new product or planning to enter a new market

What do we offer:

  • implementing above mentioned Sales program management topics through a systematic, focused and pragmatic sales approach
  • interim and project management
  • consultancy
  • growth talk or Quick scan
  • recruiting the right profile for the job: on paper the person fits the profile but does the person fit into the team and can he/ she complement the team.